‘SimCity BuildIt’ from EA Released Worldwide Today

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EA’s SimCity BuildIt (Free) has made the jump from soft launch to worldwide release today. This is EA’s free-to-play take on their classic city-management simulation franchise that probably served as the genesis for all the popular simulation games that are out there today. The game’s got gorgeous 3D visuals, with social elements to trade resources with friends, real-life buildings, and all the challenges that come from building a thriving metropolis. EA released another developer diary video just ahead of the game’s release if you want to hear more about the game from them:

It will be interesting to see how people take to this one. EA’s free-to-play takes on classic franchises didn’t go so well with Dungeon Keeper (Free) at least as far as reception goes. SimCity has always had more of a casual, and less reactive fanbase, particularly with The Sims being a spinoff series and having The Sims FreePlay (Free) exist without much drama. But last year’s debacles with the PC SimCity and its barely-functioning online play mean that if this proves unpopular, then, well, people might be loudly upset. Remember, it’s just a game, folks!

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