‘Pinball Planet Pro’ is the Casual and Alliterative Pinball Game Released Today

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Developer LuGus Studios has launched Planet Pinball Pro ($0.99) on the App Store today. This looks like a pretty neat take on pinball, where players take on challenges on a three small tables. Scoring big numbers of points will be required to unlock later levels. There’s a mission system that players have to take on to help provide some goals to aim for, along with a leveling system. It’ll be possible to get powerups to help get some advantages and score more points.

The game is definitely aiming a lot more for the casual pinball fan than the hardcore one, but that’s fine – they have plenty of options of hyper-realistic and detailed tables. As a game with simpler and smaller tbles, this could appeal more to the person who only plays it occasionally, and maybe doesn’t know about or care for the specific intricacies of the genre. The game’s launched at $2.99 without in-app purchases, though the “Pro" subtitle and in-game economy could hint that a free version might be a possibility too. Join our forum thread to talk about this one.

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