Potentially The Best News of 2014: ‘Helsing’s Fire’ is Getting an iOS 8 Update

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If you listen to our podcast, we often get on ramble-y vaguely off topic tangents surrounding reminiscing about great iOS games which have been totally broken by iOS updates over the years. There’s a lot of games like that, but Helsing’s Fire ($0.99) is consistently on the top of any short list of “Please Update These Games" that Jared and I come up with. Well, all this drama surrounding Papers, Please ($7.99) this morning gave me a good reason to email developer Lucas Pope who also was responsible for Helsing’s Fire. …And boy did he give me some good news.

Apparently, Lucas has a guy who is working on an iOS 8 update for Helsing’s Fire as we speak. He mentioned that one of the headaches of having a back catalog on iOS is keeping all those games up to date as iOS updates inevitably start to break things. It’s a pain many developers know all too well, particularly when it comes to older games that were developed before iOS 8 compatibility was as simple as downloading the new version of Unity and recompiling the game.

Additionally, Pope mentions his publishing contract with Chillingo has been up for quite some time, and he still owns the Helsing’s Fire IP. While a sequel isn’t planned at all currently, it’s cool knowing that he has the possibility to make one. Is it weird to say a functional Helsing’s Fire might be one of our most anticipated titles of 2015?

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