‘Only One’ Updated with New Playable Characters, New Enemies, and iPhone 6/6 Plus Support

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One of my favorite releases this year is RebelBinary’s Only One (Free), a king of the hill-style hack ‘n slash game that sees you fighting off waves of enemies from atop a giant pillar. The game originally released in February, and we thought it was pretty great, but it’s only gotten better through numerous updates since then. Today, its biggest update yet has arrived adding all sorts of awesome new stuff.

First up is a new class system that introduces four new playable characters in addition to the regular Hero. There’s the Barbarian, the Valkyrie, the Ninja and the “Only One", each with unique abilities. Each character can be unlocked through IAP, starting at 99¢ and going up to $9.99 with the characters becoming more expensive based on how powerful they are. Also, as pointed out in the comments by the developer below, if you beat the game and the final boss you unlock the $9.99 character “Only One" for free. Neat!

Next up are 3 new enemies, a Skeleton, a Bat and a Golem, along with 2 new mini-boss fights. In addition, the game has been extended by 20 levels to allow for the new boss fights. Your character also gains 3 new abilities: Inferno, Bloodlust and Cripple. The Inferno ability is particularly awesome, as it allows you to light enemies on fire and they’ll subsequently run around ablaze and even run right off the side of the pillar. This is demonstrated in the following (awesome) gif:

The other big part of this latest update is support for the resolutions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which makes the game look incredibly sharp and totally pop. Even the controls and menu UI are crisp and in native resolution. Like I said before, Only One is one of my favorites of 2014, and it’s free so there’s no reason not to try it if you haven’t already. For a full rundown of the new stuff in the update, as well as general discussion about Only One, head over to our forums.

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