‘Tales from the Borderlands’ Hits the App Store

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Who knows what the delay was behind the release of Tales from the Borderlands (Free), but I could flip a coin between some kind of approval drama (either technical or content related) or maybe Telltale just didn’t want to steal the show from Game of Thrones (Free). Whatever the reason, it’s out now.

I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed that the iOS version of the game is good. I’m downloading it right now, and am super hopeful. Why? Because Tales from the Borderlands was far and beyond my absolute favorite Telltale game released so far. The writing is incredible, and at times downright hilarious. I can’t think of much I’m more excited for than the second episode of this game.

I just posted a thread in our forums for the game, and I really recommend waiting for it to fill up with some impressions before jumping in. Tales from the Borderlands has a lot of quick time action sequences, which always seem to be the weakest part of Telltale games on iOS. I really, really, really hope that isn’t the case here as this game on the PC was absolutely incredible.

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