New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Owen’s Odyssey’, ‘Sneaky Sneaky’, ‘The Hobbit’ and TONS More (Most Already Available in the US)

This is a bit of a weird week, and a slightly misleading title because an odd amount of these games are already released on the App Store. For whatever reason developers have decided to forgo the typical staged NZ release thing in exchange for just setting their games live on the App Store at seemingly random times overnight. Weird stuff on the App Store this time of year is actually totally normal as developers jockey for position during the iTunes holiday freeze, so, I’m sure next week will be even more crazy.

Games Out in New Zealand (Normal Wednesday Games)

Games That Should Be Out Now in Most Regions, Maybe:

Soft Launches

Aaaand last, but certainly not least, is Backflip Studios’ Seabeard which is scheduled for release tomorrow but it’s been soft launched forever and who knows if they’ll throw the worldwide release switch early.