Ninja-Filled Trial Platformer ‘Shadow Blade’ is Currently Free

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Here’s another cool limited-time freebie for you: the rad trial platformer Shadow Blade ($1.99) published by Crescent Moon Games is currently free. This applies a ninja-filled take on the trial platformer genre, as the goal is to do all sorts of ninja stuff, like double-jumping, dashing, and cutting up enemies who get in the way with your sword. Each level is meant to be completed as quickly as possible, with secret items to find in each one. It’s a really good example of the genre, and got four stars in our review earlier this year.

The game’s got solid controls whether you’re playing on a touchscreen, with a default gesutre-based scheme, and virtual buttons if you prefer. There’s also MFi gamepad support if that’s your bag. This one’s definitely a solid way to spend some time without spending any money – and there’s no IAP either – so go check this out before it goes back to being paid, without warning. Like a ninja.

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