Hidden Gem ‘Doug Dug’ is Currently Free

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Tis the season for app sales, and another darn good game has gone free here in December. Doug Dug (Free) is currently free. This is a game about digging for buried treasure in a collapsing underground, taking care to get the sweet loot while keeping an eye on the blocks all around, such that a block doesn’t bop Doug on the head. Doug doesn’t dig that. There’s also plenty of creepy crawlies to dodge, and a two-tier score system: money, and overall depth. This is all about high scores, and each run starts fresh, and there’s no in-app purchases, so it’s all about your digging skill.

But sure, there are plenty of free games, why get this one? Our Shaun Musgrave gave the game 4.5 stars back in his review, saying " The focus on going as deep as possible echoes the great Mr. Driller, while collecting goods, battling enemies, and using somewhat controlled collapses to take out enemies and clear a path calls to mind the great-grandfather of the digging genre, Dig Dug." Sounds like a game you’ll dig! It’s a real gem! It’ll provide a miner degree of satisfaction! Who knows why this is free, but hey, no reason to complain about another rad freebie.

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