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‘Mega Man’ and Upcoming ‘Target Acquired’ Composer Manami Matsumae is Doing an AMA in the Forums Tonight

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Manami Matsumae is a name you may not recognize, but you are most likely aware of her work: she was the composer on the original Mega Man as well as Mega Man 10, and has begun doing work on a number of indie games, including the Mega Man inspired games Shovel Knight and the upcoming Mighty No. 9. Well, she’s now doing the music for an upcoming mobile game, Target Acquired. Check out one of the tracks here:

Well, now that you know who she is, you may be happy to know that she’s doing a Q&A session/AMA in our forums starting tonight at 10PM eastern time. You can post your questions there now, and she’ll start answering them tonight. Target Acquired is an endless runner/action game from Indonesian studio Touchten, which boasts a Mega Man influence, featuring side-scrolling platforming sections with auto-running, along with shooting sections inspired by light-gun games. As such, Manami Matsumae was a logical choice to bring on board to do the soundtrack. The game is still in development, but if you have any questions about the work and career of a notable figure in gaming, ask away!

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