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Nitrome Reveals Two Upcoming Arcade-Style Games: ‘Platform Panic’ and ‘Roller Polar’

Nitrome just can’t stop making games. They recently announced their upcoming Gunbrick, which I can’t wait to try out. But that’s not all they’re working on, as they have a couple of smaller arcade titles in the works. They’ve announced Platform Panic, an endless Mega Man style platformer, where the goal is to dodge various hazards to make it to the exit, with points earned for each room escaped. The game is controlled by swipes, with auto-running. There are coins to collect, and new characters to unlock. This one looks like an interesting take on retro-inspired games:

Additionally, Roller Polar is coming soon, and involves controlling a polar bear on a giant snowball, having to jump over rocks and creatures that accrue on the snowball, birds flying by, and jumping to other snowballs, with points earned for each obstacle dodged. Check out the trailer:

Nitrome is remarkably prolific in their releases – they release Flash games regularly, and put out Endless Doves (Free) not long ago, which was an endless adaptation of 8bit Doves ($2.99). But hey, I’m glad they’re putting out some more of their smaller pixel-art-based games on mobile, especially as they have some rather interesting games.