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‘Love You to Bits’ is the Upcoming Spiritual Successor to ‘Tiny Thief’

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If you enjoyed Tiny Thief (Free), then you need to get excited for the upcoming Love You to Bits. It’s a collaboration between and Alike Studio, which is comprised of former members of 5Ants, the developer of Tiny Thief, and appears to be a bit of a spiritual sequel to that beloved game. This is a point-and-click adventure game, where players control an oddly-hatted adventurer, spanning the cosmos to rescue his robot girlfriend who got blown to bits. Check out the trailer:

The game promises space-time puzzles, hidden objects to find, and aliens to interact with – and sometimes squash with boxes. Love You to Bits is actually going to launch on iOS first, in “2nd term 2015" with other platforms getting the game later on down the road. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, and Tiny Thief was a fantastic game, so this should be on a lot of wishlists going forward, as this is oozing with promise. Our forum thread about the game should be buzzing about this one soon enough.

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