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Official ‘Galcon 2’ Trailer Released, iOS Launch Expected by Christmas

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Towards the end of October, Phil Hassey’s Galcon 2 entered a “Fan-Premier" launch, which was a point where fans could sign up to play a desktop version of the game that was just out of the beta period but not quite ready for full launch yet. Over the weekend, Hassey sent word that Galcon 2 is finally ready for submission, and that he’s shooting to have the game released before Christmas if everything goes smoothly with Apple’s approval process. Here’s a new trailer that touts the “Demolition Derby in Space" nature of the new Galcon.

Galcon 2 has been in the works for nearly two years, and is the official sequel to the original Galcon which sparked off the “swarming planets" genre of strategy games on mobile way back in mid-2008. The sequel will have a huge emphasis on online multiplayer, and as you can briefly see in the trailer above will take things to a much grander scale. If all goes according to plan, look for Galcon 2 before Christmas, or if it doesn’t make it in time for that sometime shortly thereafter.

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