Over a Dozen Games Get New Content and Sales for Apple’s Apps for Red Charity Drive

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On Sunday, Apple and a ton of big-name publishers and developers launched a Apps for Red, containing a bunch of updates and sales centered around the AIDS awareness charity Product Red, which contributes to the AIDS Global Fund. Apple has worked with Product Red before, with things like red iPods, but this is a new direction, as a bunch of apps have added red themes, red icons, have sales contributing toward Product Red, and even have new content for the occasion. Threes ($5.99) has a new red theme along with new night colors, and games starting with higher card numbers, and 100% of the app’s price is going toward Product Red. Monument Valley ($3.99) has a new final chapter, “Ida’s (RED) Dream" which is available for $0.99 with all proceeds going toward Product Red. Free-to-play games are getting into it as well: Clash of Clans (Free) has a special Product Red gems pack, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (Free) has a Red points pack and a special tournament to unlock Rafa Marquez, Bubble Witch 2 Saga (Free) has special Product Red levels where gold bars used in them will go toward the Global Fund. There’s 16 games in total that are contributing to Product Red in some way until December 7th. Check out the list below:

Interestingly, these paid apps are actually a rare exception to a known rule regarding apps donating to charity – I’ve seen developers mention that this is because Apple can’t verify that the donations are being made. So Apple’s bending their own rules here to let Threes donate to charity, for example.

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