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Play ‘Exiles: Far Colony’ and ‘The Deer God’ Alpha Versions on Android with the Crescent Moon Games Humble Bundle

Crescent Moon Games just announced the trailer for the upcoming Exiles: Far Colony last week, and some of you may be dying to play it. Well, if you have an Android device, you can get your hands on an alpha version of it as well as the upcoming Metroidvania-esque The Deer God…if you have an Android device. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is all about Crescent Moon Games, and features 8 of their releases, including a few Android debuts. But the real kicker here are the alphas for the upcoming games. By paying $8, you can get all 8 of the games in the bundle as well as the two alpha versions, before release.

Sadly, this sort of thing is only possible on Android at the moment, as it’s possible to distribute game files directly on Android, unlike iOS making it difficult to distribute anything outside of the App Store. So while both games are definitely still on their way to iOS, if you’re the multiple-OS type and have an Android phone with an iPad, or an iPhone with an Android tablet, or are like me and just collect phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, then consider this a nice little perk to nab before anyone on iOS. And $8 for 8 games plus 2 alphas, plus the bonus games that unlock next week, and the stretch goal games as well, if you have an Android device, that’s a killer deal for a ton of games.