The Fantastic ‘Ghost Blade’ Now More Readable Thanks to Our Forum Community

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Character action games are a genre that feels underrepresented on iOS, perhaps because they inherently rely on complex button combinations for combat that just don’t translate very well to the touchscreen. Well, about a month ago, Ghost Blade ($0.99) launched on the App Store seemingly out of nowhere, and set a standard for how these types of games should be built for the touchscreen. Rather than rely on a set of virtual buttons, Ghost Blade uses intuitive touchscreen gestures for its combat mechanics, and it works incredibly well, creating a very satisfying experience.

We loved the game in our review, but one glaring negative was the translation of the text in the game. Admittedly, the story elements aren’t the highlight of the game, but it was still somewhat off-putting to see the English language butchered so badly. Well that’s not a problem anymore thanks to the game’s latest update, as the translation has been greatly improved, thanks in large part to our very own forum member metalcasket. Shortly after the game came out, a lot of people were commenting on the poor translation, so metalcasket stepped in and offered to help fix it out of the kindness of his own heart. Developer YuShi Games took him up on his offer, and over the course of the last month they’ve been working together to smooth out the text in the game.

Now, the translation still isn’t perfect, and due to an error on YuShi Games’ part the boss descriptions in the game didn’t get the updated treatment yet (something they’re rectifying), but it’s leaps and bounds better than it was before. In addition to the translation improvements, this update also includes a revamped UI as well as some adjustments to the game’s overall difficulty. If you enjoyed Ghost Blade previously but were put off by the poor translation issues, check out the new update and stop by our forums to drop a thanks to metalcasket. If you haven’t experienced Ghost Blade yet and you like combat-heavy action games, well I’d highly recommend checking it out.

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