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‘Highrise Heroes’ from Noodlecake and Fallen Tree Games Drops in December

Fallen Tree Games recently released the high score game Noon ($0.99) to the App Store, and Noodlecake recently published the life-ruining Bitcoin Billionaire (Free), but now the two studios are coming together to release Highrise Heroes, a story-driven word game with a solid creative pedigree behind it. Highrise Heroes has players trying to escape a crumbling skyscraper after an earthquake, doing so the only way they know how: by forming words from a grid of tiles. The game takes place across 90 levels, with a variety of characters both good and bad to try and help and hinder respectively to descend the tower and survive.

The game boasts a soundtrack from Gavin Harrison, whose done the soundtrack for Gunslugs ($1.99), Appointment with F.E.A.R. ($5.99), the aforementioned Noon, and other indie games. As well, the story was created by Roseanne Rivers, who wrote the dystopian YA novel After the Fear. The game will be free-to-play with ads, lives, and other monetization, but will also have an in-app purchase to remove these f2p elements and just enjoy the game for those who would prefer that. The game releases on December 11th.