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Square Enix Announces New ‘Final Fantasy’ Title For Smartphones

Well, Square Enix is fresh out of 2D Final Fantasy games to port to mobile, and the easy DS ports are all accounted for, as well. Dragon Quest games are well and good, but nothing keeps food on the table at Square Enix quite like the Final Fantasy name. So what’s next, beyond endless variations on social RPGs mixed with every puzzle game concept under the sun? If you said Final Fantasy 7, sorry, you should know better by now. Shame on you!

(Trailer for original Final Fantasy Legends)

Who guessed another game along the lines of Final Fantasy Dimensions? You win the prize! If you guessed it would be potentially mixed up in free-to-play stuff, then you double-win, my friend. This week’s gaming magazines in Japan contain an announcement for the new game titled Final Fantasy Legends: Jikuu no Suishou, which roughly translates to “The Crystal Of Time And Space". It’s said to be a free game, though exactly what that entails remains to be seen.

It’s said to be a time-traveling adventure, following the exploits of a hero named, sigh, Tomorrow, and a heroine named Emo. Details are pretty scarce at the moment beyond those little snippets, but its naming suggests it will follow Final Fantasy Dimensions either in story or in spirit. The game is set to release in Japan this winter, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get more information on this one. We’ll keep you up to date with the details as they come.