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‘Sproggiwood’ Preview – The Roguelike for the Rest of Us

Freehold Games’ Sproggiwood is a turn-based roguelike that mobile gamers should anticipate. Where many games in the genre use its conventions to be extremely difficult, Sproggiwood tries to be a lot more forgiving for the person who isn’t a die-hard and just wants to enjoy the gameplay of the genre without being punished each time, as the game features persistent equipment upgrades and a world-based structure that encourages shorter play sessions and progression without having to survive intensely-long runs.

Sproggiwood Preview 3

The game is segmented into different worlds that have multiple levels each, though each one starts the player off at level 1, requiring them to re-earn any upgrades by leveling up. Those levels are procedurally-generated so that they’re never the same. Any weapons or armor earned while playing can be bought with the coins earned while playing.

Sproggiwood Preview 1

There are multiple character classes, each with their own skills. The warrior, for example, is built around close-up combat, and boasts abilities like damage prevention and attacking all enemies around. The archer has ranged abilities that help keep away enemies, and a roll that gets out of trouble quickly. Each character has their own sets of equipment to buy, but there’s also hefty rewards for beating a world with a character for the first time.
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Combat is ruled by a stamina system, where killing an enemy refills one of the five stars. Most characters have a one-star ability, but the more powerful abilities have higher costs. The farmer’s healing comes in handy, but 3 stars is a steep cost. The archer’s abilities are mostly 1 star ones, but it’s possible for a smart player to keep the stamina high by having proper builds. Along with the different worlds, there’s also a town that can be customized with different creatures found in the dungeons and various buildings that are unlocked as the game progresses.

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Sproggiwood is currently available on desktop, but is coming to iOS and Android. And it’s not just a “we’re making this in Unity, so we can slap it on iOS" deal. The game’s interface was actually built from the ground up for touchscreens. There’s a compass that enables moving in the 4 cardinal directions with wait in the center. All the interface items are designed to be large enough that they’re touch-friendly. In fact, even with the desktop version, the game feels best on a touchscreen, as it’s quicker to get to all of the interface items with a finger rather than keyboard and mouse. Once released, this should be a great fit to the mobile gaming roguelike scene.