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FDG Entertainment’s Tower Defense RPG ‘Crystal Siege’ Hits iPad This Week

FDG Entertainment’s Crystal Siege has been in the works for a long while now, and iPad owners are going to get their hands on it very soon: this Thursday, November 13th, to be exact! The tower defense and RPG hybrid will release for $4.99 as an iPad exclusive, though release for iPhone is planned in 2015. Players will try to stop wave after wave of oncoming enemies, using various towers, abilities, and environmental traps to help take out the invading creeps. There will be a player character that can be controlled around the battlefield to help fight enemies, with a number of things to buy to help make the tower defending more effective.

Crystal Siege has been in the works for a long time now, having been demoed as early as GDC 2013, though it kind of went into hibernation. It was teased back in September, and now the game’s been approved and will finally be available to the public this week. Certainly, this game has shown some promise, and we’ll get to see really soon if it can live up to it.