‘Candy Crush Soda Saga’ from King Finally Launches Worldwide

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Candy Crush Soda Saga (Free) has officially made its way out worldwide starting today. The follow-up to the absolute mega-hit Candy Crush Saga (Free), this is yet another match-3 game, because a Clash of Clans (Free) clone in the Candy Crush universe would be absurd and probably make too much money. The goal is to make matches to pop soda bottles, which helps raise the soda level to make more matches. The game released a few weeks ago on Facebook, presaging its eventual worldwide launch, though the game also soft launched in various territories before it went global. King also announced last week that the London Symphony Orchestra was doing the soundtrack for the game, which seems excessive for a match-3 game, but hey, they probably have the money.

The burning question will be if the game can see the kind of success that Candy Crush Saga has seen. Of course, that’s a very high benchmark to aim for, considering that Candy Crush Saga has been one of the two most popular mobile games for almost two years now. It probably won’t strike lightning twice, but don’t be surprised if this sticks around on the top grossing charts for a while too.

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