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‘Random Heroes 3’ Coming this Thursday, Here’s the Official Launch Trailer

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Back in early September, Ravenous Games announced Random Heroes 3, the third and final entry in their Random Heroes saga of action platformers. At that time it sounded like the game was pretty close to completion, and apparently that was the case as Ravenous has announced in our forums that Random Heroes 3 is already approved and ready to launch this week on November 13th. Here’s the official launch trailer.

I liked the original Random Heroes (Free), but I didn’t love it. The character designs, enemies, and weapons were all very cool, but the levels were too long and fairly boring design-wise. However, its sequel Random Heroes 2 (Free) I did love, quite a lot actually, as Ravenous addressed all the shortcoming of the first game in wonderful fashion. Random Heroes 3 looks like more of the same but bigger and badder with new weapons, new characters, and some new mechanics, which I’m not at all mad at. Look for Random Heroes 3 to drop later this week.

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