Last Night’s South Park Episode “Freemium Isn’t Free” Focuses on Freemium Mobile Games

Last night’s episode of South Park, titled “Freemium Isn’t Free" focuses on free to play mobile gaming. Like most things South Park makes fun of, their take on the current free to play climate of mobile gaming is… Shockingly accurate. They go through the design process of these games, which I swear is practically a GDC talk I’ve sat through, make comparisons to gambling, and how pushing free to play games on your friends at school is a lot like pushing drugs.


You can watch the episode on Hulu, but you might need to get creative if you’re outside the USA as streaming video is pretty weird everywhere else. Also, if for some strange reason you’ve never seen South Park before, it’s not really for kids and isn’t really work safe if you’re in an environment where swearing isn’t cool. You’ve been warned.