‘Star Wars: Galactic Defense’ Out Now Worldwide

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Star Wars: Galactic Defense (Free), the free-to-play Star Wars tower defense game published by DeNA, is out now. This lets players command forces on either the light or dark side of the force, getting units and heroes appropriate to each side to use in order to advance through the game. The game bears something of a resemblance to Kingdom Rush (Free) in its path layouts and the use of three hero units that supplement the towers placed to help repel enemy creeps that invade. Players choosing a side will help them net points for their side of the Force, with the ability to hook into Facebook to exchange resources with friends and to get help.

It will be interesting to see how this game turns out, and if it does well – Star Wars: Commander (Free) was a bit shameless in the way it took after Clash of Clans (Free), but hey, who isn’t copying that game? And tower defense is a very well-worn genre that’s hard to tackle in an original way at this point. But hey, a decent Star Wars tower defense game is not a bad proposition, and if it does well, maybe we’ll get some of those suggestions that Shaun Musgrave sarcastically pointed out in his Star Wars: Commander review. Additionally, if you want to read some forum impressions, we’ve had a thread for the game rolling since the wee hours of the morning when it first hit the App Store.

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