Five Alarm Freebie Alert: Rubicon’s Entire ‘Great War Game’ Series is Free This Weekend

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If you’re looking for a turn-based strategy game or three to check out this weekend, I have good news: Rubicon Development’s Great War Game series is free all weekend. This includes Great Little War Game HD ($1.99) which is universal and free, its massive follow-up Great Big War Game ($2.99), and Great Little War Game 2 ($1.99) which features portrait play, perfect if you need something for on the go.

Rubicon has put pretty much their entire library on sale in part because they want to draw attention to their games because it’s getting harder to be visible on the market.

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These are some killer freebies to hop on, there’s some DLC in them but there’s amazing value for free, and there’s online play in Great Big War Game if that’s your bag. Any way you shake it, there’s a lot to enjoy here for no cost, Rubicon has made some of the best turn-based strategy games on the App Store, and each one delivers just enough of a different experience that I recommend downloading all 3. Now get out and get strategizing.

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