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‘Proun+’ Will Finally Bring the Artsy Tunnel Racer to iOS

Dutch developer Joost van Dongen’s Proun was a successful indie racing game made a few years ago that had been on a lot of folks’ wishlists for a port to iOS, especially after last year’s announcement that it was coming soon. Now three years after the original’s release, Engine Software has teamed up with van Dongen to make Proun+ a reality for iOS, coming soon. This is a modern-art-inspired tunnel racing game where the goal is to rotate a ball down a path replete with a variety of obstacles, with the ability to brake and boost, though as opposed to being something of a time-survival game, this has you racing against computerized opponents, with an objective to complete levels as quickly as possible.

The game will boast five different speed settings across eleven levels and four game modes, with a soundtrack written especially for Proun+. The original game has fewer tracks and one fewer speed, so there will be new stuff to check out here even for veterans of the original. Proun+‘s concept is not original, and Joost van Dongen has criticized Unpossible ($1.99) for being similar to his game, and while it’s best to reserve judgment on any ‘cloning’ controversy as it’s possible for similar ideas to come from disparate inspirations, Unpossible fans might want to keep an eye on Proun+ when it releases in the November/December time frame given by the developers.