Slitherine’s ‘Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front’ Now Available for iPad

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Strategy buffs listen up: Slitherine has unleashed their latest WWII-themed strategy game Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front ($19.99) for the iPad. For whatever reason it didn’t follow the typical weekly release schedule, and wasn’t included in our list of new games last night, but it’s definitely one you don’t want to let slip through the cracks. As the name implies, the sequel to 2012’s excellent Battle Academy focuses on the Easter Front and has you playing through 30 missions across 4 different campaigns as both the Axis and Soviet forces.


In addition, Battle Academy 2 features Slitherine’s excellent multiplayer system, including cooperative multiplayer. Add to that a random map generator and this is a game that should keep you plenty busy long after you’ve beaten the single player portion. Being that this is the App Store, it’s obligitory that I mention the price of Battle Academy 2 which is on the high end of the spectrum at $19.99. However, that’s half the cost of the game on PC and as Slitherine’s previous releases have shown us they’re well worth every penny for iPad-owning strategy fans. For more, be sure to see what folks are saying about Battle Academy 2 in our forums.

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