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‘Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge’ Releases on Thursday

Tired of being teased by Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge these past few months, and are finally ready to play it yourself? Well, you don’t have to wait much longer, as the game is finally releasing this Thursday, October 23rd. The plan is for it to be $2.99 with no IAP, and will be an iOS exclusive, so you can tell your Android nerd friends to just go and deal with that.

This is a sort of full game expansion of the Gauntlet mode from the original Tilt to Live ($2.99), mixed with the Tilt to Live 2 ($2.99) core. There are three gauntlets of various difficulty to take on, featuring randomized traps and enemies, with bosses to fight and the Dot King to eventually take down. And of course, there’s the expected customizable tilt controls, courtesy of the warlocks at One Man Left. This should prove to be an interesting enough experience for fans of the previous Tilt to Live games as while this is based in something familiar, it also goes off and does its own thing, which you’ll get to see for yourself starting this Thursday.