A Real, Official Pokemon Game Just Hit the App Store… But It’s for Kids

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This headline starts out as the greatest thing ever then quickly wanders into “Oh… ok. :(" territory. Camp Pokemon (Free) is the real deal, it’s a Pokemon game by The Pokemon Company featuring actual real Pokemon and interacting with them in various ways. Problem is, it’s aimed at kids 6-8 and is going to be a total snooze-fest for any adult Poke-fan. Check out the trailer:

The up side to this is that between this game and the Pokemon TCG (Free) it’s obvious that The Pokemon Company is serious about iOS. Camp Pokemon seems like a total trojan horse in that tons of people I know let their children play with their iPhone/iPad, so this game perfectly hits that demographic while introducing these kids to the Pokemon universe. It stands to reason, as these kids get familiar with Pokemon, they’ll want to dive in to the “real" Pokemon games as they get older?

Either way, it’s just awesome seeing The Pokemon Company devoting real resources to iOS, even if we’re not the target audience. I’m sure we will be… Eventually.

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