‘NOVA 3: Freedom Edition’ Makes Gameloft’s Sci-Fi Shooter Free with Ads

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Y’all forgot about Gameloft’s NOVA series, didn’t you? While they were busy making new Modern Combat games, their Halo-inspired FPS series has sat dormant. Well, this isn’t anything too new, but it’s at least a sign of life: there’s a new free version of NOVA 3 ($6.99) now available: the NOVA 3 Freedom Edition (Free). This isn’t necessarily a ‘free-to-play’ version of NOVA 3 in that it is really just NOVA 3 with ads and its already-existing IAP, with everything still intact including online play, though certainly the game could have been tuned to be more IAP-friendly. Our forums will be sure to point out if it is.


Sadly, this does appear to be a missed opportunity to add in bald eagles, apple pie, and fireworks to make this truly a Freedom Edition. Regardless, this is an interesting idea for Gameloft to go for – take an older title and try to make some extra money or get some new attention on the franchise by pushing out a free version long after its peak so that new people can check it out without paying. If this does well, perhaps other Gameloft games might get the same treatment.

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