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Zen’s ‘South Park Pinball’ Gets a Trailer, Launching this Week

Earlier this month, Zen Studios hinted that they had a couple of new pinball tables in the works starring everyone’s favorite troublemakers from South Park, and today they’ve debuted the first trailer showing off both tables in action. The first table is South Park Super Sweet Pinball and it centers around the main four characters of the show and features all kinds of inside jokes and nods to the show’s nearly twenty year history. For the second table, that gentle soul Butters gets to star in his very own pinball game, cleverly titled Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game. Check out the trailer.

Both of these new tables will be available “this week", which likely means sometime around Thursday for us iOS gamers. There will be a standalone app with both tables included that’ll cost $3.99, or you’ll be able to purchase each table as DLC inside the Zen Pinball (Free) app for $1.99 apiece. I love South Park, I love pinball, so it’s no surprise that I’m really excited to get my hands on South Park Pinball later this week.