Best iPhone and iPad Game of the Week: 9/19/14 – ‘FOTONICA’

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This week we’re dropping the “s" from the title as we only reviewed one really great game this week. But, this was a week filled with iPhone news, a major iOS release, new phones, and all the junk that comes with that so you can’t really blame us with being a little preoccupied with stuff other than game reviews. Hopefully next week returns to normal, and we see more than a half dozen games get released. Fingers crossed, anyway.

FOTONICA, $0.99 [Review] – There’s been a bazillion runners of all shapes and sizes on the App Store, but Fotonica manages to feel totally fresh through its first person perspective and really awesome retro vector line graphics. The amount of air you get while jumping and the sensation of speed you get is really pretty incredible, and definitely surprised all of us. Unless you’re totally, totally runnered out, you’ve got to try Fotonica.

Additionally, we reviewed a few other games this week. As always, you can dig into all of our reviews by clicking here. Alternatively, you can hit up specific scores by using these links:


    Ever wondered what running at 140mph feels like? FOTONICA is a first-person game about the thrill of speed and traveling…
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