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Check Out the ‘Gunslugs 2’ Teaser Trailer, Launching Later this Year

gunslugs2logoIf you’ve been hanging around the TouchArcade forums for the past few years, then you’re no doubt familiar with Orangepixel games, aka solo developer Pascal Bestebroer. He’s been making quality mobile games for years now, typically platforming games with sweet pixel graphics and a throwback feel, and he’s amassed quite a dedicated following of fans in our community, including myself. His next project is Gunslugs 2, sequel to the original Gunslugs ($1.99) which launched in January of last year. Gunslugs was a platforming shooter in a similar vein to something like Contra, with a huge focus on different weapons and plenty of unique playable characters. Gunslugs 2 follows in those same footsteps, but with improvements across the board. Here’s a lengthy look at the game in action.

Gunslugs 2 is said to be about 80% complete, and was initially planned for a September release but it’s looking more likely to launch sometime in October instead. Either way, it’s not too much longer to wait to get our hands on this one, and I’m quite excited about it. The game has been in the works since at least May, and by perusing through the thread in our forums you can see how it’s taken shape over the past several months. Gunslugs 2 is also the first Orangepixel game to try and get itself on Steam, and if you’re interested in that you can check out the game on its Steam Greenlight page.