‘Infinity Blade 3’ Kingdom Come Update Now Live, with $2.99 Sale

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Well, it’s been a long and crazy ride for the Infinity Blade trilogy, as the promised last update for Infinity Blade III ($6.99), Kingdom Come, is out today, with the game on sale for $2.99. This update brings new story content that wraps up the game, as Siris confronts one of the final deathless, Lelindre. As well, there’s a new area to play in, Nafusaan. This is a frozen wasteland with new loot to get, and the King of Dragons, Dragoor, to fight.

Along with the new story content, there’s a myriad amount of other things to check out. There’s five new enemies, over twenty five new items for both Isa and Siris, and six new treasure maps to get more phat loot from. Master Items can be leveled up to 100, just to make them extra-powerful.

This is promised to be the final update for the game, and certainly is a big way to wrap up the trilogy so far. Hey, series aren’t just ending at trilogies any more – hello Transformers movies – so whether we see more Infinity Blade is certainly an open question. Maybe Chair’s gonna move on to something new. Maybe resurrect Infinity Blade Dungeons? Bring back Shadow Complex? Who knows. But hey, enjoy this last taste of the influential game for a while.

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