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‘Belial’ Aims to Be The ‘Symphony of the Night’ for iOS

One of the coolest things about our forums, if you’re not already a member, is the amount of super-early iOS games that get posted by developers in our upcoming games forum. Belial is one such game that was posted quite a while ago, but it according to their Facebook page, development really seems to be picking up steam. Their goal is to build a Symphony of the Night / Aria of Sorrow for iOS.

Here’s the latest brief gameplay video:

Any plans to make something similar to the two greatest Castlevania games of all time is enough to pique my interest, and I’m definitely curious to see where they go with all of this. The game still seems to be in its early stages, with mentions on Facebook regarding it hitting sometime next year. This is usually the most fun time to watch a game’s development, as it’s done enough to resemble the game you want to play, but typically just starts looking better and better with each polish pass.

Will Belial live up to its hopes of being a competent Symphony of the Night riff? Who knows, but it definitely seems worth adding to your watch list just in case.