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Square Enix Debuts First Trailer for ‘Chaos Rings III’

Earlier this month, Square Enix announced a brand new entry in their popular mobile RPG series with Chaos Rings III. Though so far the game has only been announced for Japan, we’re willing to bet that a North American release is pretty darn likely. Keeping that in mind, Squeenix has debuted the first trailer for Chaos Rings III on its main, Japanese YouTube channel. This means that the trailer is entirely in Japanese, but at least it gives you a glimpse at what the game will be like in motion.

So far this new Chaos Rings III trailer hasn’t been uploaded to Square Enix’s North American YouTube channel, but we’ll keep our eye on it just in case it eventually is. With the Japanese release of Chaos Rings III set for October 14th on iOS, Android and Playstation Vita, I’d guess that if the game is set to hit Western shores it won’t be any time soon, so we probably won’t be getting any sort of English language trailers until that time approaches. We’ll of course keep our eyes peeled for any further news, be it from Japan or otherwise, so stay tuned.