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‘Call of Duty: Heroes’ Soft-Launches in New Zealand and Australia

Yesterday we learned that Activision was making a casual, social real-time strategy game in a similar vein to Clash of Clans but using their cash cow Call of Duty franchise, and as they said they would they’ve soft-launched the game in the New Zealand and Australian App Stores. The game is called Call of Duty: Heroes, and based on the screenshots in the App Store, I’m guessing you have a pretty good idea what it’s like.


codheroes1 codheroes2

So far there aren’t a whole lot of impressions in our forums just yet, but seeing as Call of Duty: Heroes launched at sort of a weird time, I’m sure business will pick up as more people have a chance to download and check out the game. I’m not a huge Clash of Clans fan myself, but that type of game is immensely popular right now, and honestly the Call of Duty franchise seems like a perfect fit for it.

If you have a New Zealand or Australian App Store account then check out Call of Duty: Heroes with the link below. We’ll be taking it for a spin ourselves and will keep our eye out for a date for a worldwide release.

International App Store Account: Call of Duty®: Heroes, Free (Universal)