‘Dawn of the Plow’ Gets “Attack of the Snowmobiles” Update and Sale

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Sure, Dawn of the Plow ($1.99) seemed appropriate back in the days of the cold and brutal Chicago winter of 2014, when the world was cold and snowy and suddenly I wanted to go back to Texas. But now, even in the dog days of summer, Dawn of the Plow lives, as Chicago indie developer Dan FitzGerald has updated the game with a new mode, Attack of the Snowmobiles.

This new mode should be a beautiful catharsis for those who hated lightly jostling the cars in the original game, as now the goal is to destroy them – and yes, a light jostle will do. For every car that comes in to play, it must be destroyed without escaping. Let three cars escape, and it’s game over. This mode winds up utilizing the same basic principles as the original mode, and works within the same mechanics – there’s even still snow to plow as it falls down – but now a new way to approach the challenges.

The update is available now on the App Store, and the game is half-off until August 6th as well as part of an “out of season sale" though when polar vortices can happen in the summer, who knows. It could snow tomorrow in Chicago. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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