‘Duet’ Getting Epilogue Update on Thursday, Adding 48 New Levels, New Obstacles and More

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Duet ($2.99), Kumobious’ take on the minimalist arcade challenge genre, has been steadily updated since its release last year, and it’s getting an Epilogue update this Thursday that brings a ton of new levels and features.

The update brings 48 new stages to the new Epilogue levels, complete with their own stoyline. The original game had 50 levels, so this is a big update – though of course, the game’s gotten more levels since release, so there’s a total of over 100, along with the daily challenge and endless modes already in the game.

There are some new hazards and obstacles to take on, including Dextris (Free) style spikes, albeit ones that deceptively move at the last possible moment, and rectangles of all sides for the balls to try and spin around. Check out a video:

As well, there’s new Tim Shiel music and remixes by Australian electronic musicians. The narrator, Jojo Petrina, who was added in an earlier update, contributes new dialogue for the Epilogue levels.

It’s sounding like quite the robust update, but good news: it’ll be available as a free update on July 31st as it rolls out worldwide.

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