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Telltale Confirms ‘Walking Dead: The Game’ is Getting a Third Season

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Over the weekend at Comic-Con, Telltale Games announced that their ultra popular, critically acclaimed adventure series The Walking Dead will be coming back for a third season at some point in the future. The news was initially announced at a Comic-Con panel hosted by Skybound Entertainment, who publishes Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics from which Telltale’s game series is based on, and later confirmed by Telltale’s official Twitter account.

No other details about this third season were revealed, but it probably won’t be coming anytime soon. The penultimate fourth episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 was just released last week, with the season finale episode set to hit later this summer. Then Telltale will be busy launching Tales from the Borderlands, their adventure game take on the Borderlands universe that looks absolutely fantastic. At any rate, it’s good to know that a third season is forthcoming, no matter when it is.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read up our full review of The Walking Dead Season 1 as well as our review of the first four episodes of The Walking Dead Season 2. When more news is announced about Season 3, we’ll let you know.

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