‘Asphalt 8: Airborne’ Gets Explosive Venice Track Event for Upcoming ‘Modern Combat 5’ Release

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Oh hey, in case you didn’t know, Modern Combat 5 comes out this week. And Gameloft’s hit racing game, Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free), is helping to promote the upcoming FPS by featuring a new event themed after the FPS in the Venice track.

The event takes place in Vneice, where players have to contend with helicopters shooting rockets and just causing even more mayhem than is necessary, what with a bunch of superpowered sports cars deciding to hold races through the city already. Really, why anyone would hold a race while helicopters are blowing stuff up is kind of a mystery anyway.

Venice is actually the first level of Modern Combat 5, so it’s the perfect course for this event to take place in. The explosions seem to mostly serve as distractions and just new things to dodge, not significantly altering the existing course, as seen in this playthrough:

But hey, now you’re aware that Modern Combat 5 comes out on Thursday, or you’ve been reminded. Now I can only hope that during the Venice mission, you can randomly see cars driving past.

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