‘Panzer Corps’, ‘Frozen Synapse’, ‘Star Command’ and More All Currently On Sale

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saleThere’s nothing better than getting some great games for a great price. In the world of iOS, sales are a common thing, and it almost feels pointless trying to highlight all the deals that happen on a daily basis. Pretty much everything goes on sale at some point. iOS games are generally cheap anyway, but if you’re a thrifty shopper then simply having some patience can save you a little scratch.

With that said, there’s some pretty good sales going on for some high profile games right now, so we’ve gone ahead and compiled a little list in case any of these sales weren’t on your radar. As with everything to do with the App Store, prices can change on a dime, so if you see a sale that strikes your fancy you’ll want to act quickly as the sale could end before you know it.

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