‘Blek’ is Cheap as Well, as the Apple Design Award Winners Fire Sale Continues

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Today’s a pretty good day if you like games that have won Apple Design Awards but don’t like paying a lot of money for them. First Threes ($5.99) got about as cheap as it’s going to get outside of Starbucks. Then Monument Valley ($3.99) was half-off. Now, Blek ($4.99) for a ridiculous discount of $0.99, two-thirds the regular $2.99 price.

This is another fantastic-looking and fun game, with its calligraphy style and challenging gameplay of trying to draw lines that follow their drawn path to hit all the objects in the level without crashing. Sadly, much like Threes it’s been quite cloned because of its innate simplicity, and egregiously-enough that there’s games that make it through to the App Store with the name “Blek" in the title, somehow. Well, accept no substitutes, especially when this is so cheap.

This is one of the more high-profile sales going on, especially as it’s the game’s first discount after managing to get its way to number one on the App Store for a while. So, again, if the $2.99 price was scaring you off of this game, now is the time to buy it while it’s cheap, especially since it’s a fun original game with no in-app purchases. I hear y’all like those.

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    Blek is a unique game about imagination and personality. Everything you draw keeps moving – and watching your creation…
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