Nyjah Huston’s Street League 2013 Winning Runs Recreated in ‘True Skate’

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Big things have been happening in the world of True Skate ($1.99) lately, as just last week it was announced that the phenomenal skateboard simulation game from True Axis was partnering up with Street League Skateboarding as the official mobile game of the contest series. As part of that partnership, actual courses from the Street League series are destined to end up as downloadable parks in True Skate, and the first of these is the course from the 2013 Kansas City Street League stop that is available right now in the game for 99¢. Having a real-life course like that in True Skate is very cool, and kind of surreal, as I remember that course very vividly from watching Street League on TV last year.

The addition of the 2013 Kansas City stop has also led to an awesome video from our very own forum member and True Skate master totallymichael. You see, since there is now a park in True Skate from a real life Street League event that had already happened, totallymichael decided to try and recreate the runs from Nyjah Huston , who won Street League that year, inside of the game. Now, this is no easy task, as just like in real skateboarding it can be incredibly difficult to string together a line of tricks in a row without bailing. But totallymichael’s determination has paid off, as he has finally achieved his goal of recreating those epic runs. First, let’s check out a video of Nyjah Huston’s actual runs.

That guy is insane. Ok, now let’s check out totallymichael’s recreation. Since True Skate doesn’t feature any sort of avatar, just the skateboard itself, it can be kind of tricky to tell just what tricks are being performed. You can figure it out by watching the above video, but I’ll list out all the tricks too just for handiness sake. Flow run: ollie out to backside lipslide on the double kink rail, kickflip over the planter gap, nollie crooked grind the angled rail, nollie heelflip up the bank to flat, kickflip bluntslide to fakie down the rail, 360 flip the planter gap, backside tailslide the flat bar, kickflip frontside boardslide the flat rail across the planter gap. Quite the epic run. Then what follows is a series of single tricks landed during the Control and Impact portions of the contest. In order: nollie heelflip frontside noseslide down the rail, kickflip out to frontside boardslide on the kink rail, kickflip out to backside lipslide on the kink rail, ollie out to nosegrind down the kink rail, nollie crooked grind down the entire kink rail, and finally an ollie out to backside noseblunt down the kink rail. Here’s totallymichael’s versions:

Maybe it’s because I’m a huge True Skate nerd, but I absolutely love this recreation of Nyjah Huston’s winning runs from Street League. This is actually pretty similar to something True Axis hinted they’re working on implementing into True Skate, which is recreating some of the iconic signature tricks that have been performed by the competing pros during Street League events. It’s just that totallymichael beat them to it! If you’re a True Skate junkie like me and want to see some really insane videos, check out totallymichael’s full True Skate YouTube playlist, as there’s some seriously amazing videos there. Also, watching many of them have given me new ideas for ways to skate the parks in the game. Bravo totallymichael, and I’m looking forward to future Street League stuff being added to True Skate. Oh and if you don’t have True Skate yet for whatever reason, it’s currently free.

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