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Match 3 Zombies to Blow Them Up in Noodlecake and Massive Damage’s Upcoming ‘Zombie Puzzle Panic’

There are a lot of match-3 games out there. Seriously, there’s so many of them. There are a lot of zombie games as well. But zombie match-3 games? Why, that’s just an underserved market. And Noodlecake Games and Massive Damage are going to serve that market with Zombie Puzzle Panic.

The idea is that levels will have specific zombie-survival missions to take on, including rescuing survivors, protecting scientists from encroaching zombies, and just killing the undead suckers. This is all handled by various pieces on the board which need to be matched and moved to achieve the goals. And then, of course, there’s Zombie Madness, where a bunch of zombies get killed all at once, because massive zombie death can be exciting even if it’s just pieces on a game board.

Zombie Puzzle Panic 2 Zombie Puzzle Panic 1

Expect this one next Thursday, July 3rd. Noodlecake and Massive Damage may be Canadian, but killing loads of zombies? I can think of nothing more befitting the July 4th weekend than being able to casually murder large quantities of zombies at once.