‘Wayward Souls’ First Major Update Submitted, Includes New Dungeon and Boatload of Tweaks

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The first half of 2014 has been straight up ridiculous in terms of great iOS games, and one that has stayed in my daily rotation since its release is Rocketcat’s device-throwingly difficult dungeon crawler Wayward Souls ($7.99). After a years-long development period, Wayward Souls finally launched this past April and we loved it in our review. It’s not for everybody, due to its unforgiving nature, but it quickly developed a hardcore following of fans. Wayward Souls‘ launch was also interesting because it weighed in at $4.99, a hefty price by App Store standards, and promised to increase its price by a dollar with each update. Wayward Souls also did not include any form of IAP, and Rocketcat was betting on players who have been clamoring for “premium" games on iOS to make the game a success. So far it seems like that strategy has worked.

The amount of updates Wayward Souls would receive after launch depended on how well the game did, but there has always been at least three major updates planned. It took longer than Rocketcat originally expected, but the first of those updates has been submitted to Apple this past Friday, and includes a changelog so extensive that it wouldn’t even fit into the space given for update descriptions in iTunes. The most major addition is a new fourth dungeon called The Labyrinth. This dungeon will be a whopping 20 floors and will be even more difficult than the current Gold Catacombs dungeon, if you can believe that. It’ll also come with a brand new boss fight. In addition to the new dungeon, there are an insane amount of tweaks and changes to specific character classes and the overall game itself, which you can read more about in the full changelog here.


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At the bottom of that changelog, Rocketcat also details some of what they’re planning for the game’s second update, which will include MFi game controller support, a new endless mode, health bars for bosses, possibly some sort of cross-device game save syncing, many more tweaks to characters, and I’m sure much more. And, as mentioned, both this current update that’s awaiting review and the next update will each raise the price of the game by a dollar, so once the first update hits expect to see Wayward Souls‘ price go up to $5.99. Worth every damn penny, in my own opinion, but if you’ve been on the fence with this one then grabbing it prior to the update will save you a buck. Tons of discussion can be found in our forum and I’m really looking forward to this update as well as whatever else the future holds for Wayward Souls.

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