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Madgarden’s Got a New Dual-Stick Shooter in Development: ‘Arecibo Man’

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Madgarden, fine purveyor of iOS games such as Chillaxian ($1.99), FlapThulhu (Free) , and Hodappy Bird (Free), has a new, swiftly-developed, game in the works: Arecibo Man. Like many of Madgarden’s games, this one is inspired by retro games, in particular Robotron and Berzerk, featuring dual-stick shooting with tons of stylish glitch-style effects through a variety of levels. Check out some footage of the game:

The game’s still in development, but the plan is for the game to release on PC and iOS soon, with both portrait and landscape orientation support planned, with sounds generated by the bytebeat synth. And lots of exploding pixels.

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