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E3 2014: Hands on with Epic’s ‘Zen Garden’

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If you were watching the WWDC keynote or read anything about it afterwards, Epic’s Zen Garden is likely old news. It’s a tech demo that Epic put together to show off just how much more you can do with graphics in iOS games when you use iOS 8’s new Metal feature, which allows developers to push existing iOS hardware way further. Like all tech demos, particularly those shown at an event like a keynote, it’s natural to be at least a little skeptical about whether or not what you’re seeing is real.

Well, it is. We ran in to Epic today and got a look at Zen Garden and it really does look just as good as it did during the keynote. Here’s some video if you need proof:

Details surrounding the release of Zen Garden haven’t been released, but I think it’s safe to assume it’ll launch along side iOS 8 this fall.

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