E3 2014: Hands on with EA’s ‘King of the Course’, Now Available for Free

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Over in the tiny mobile area of EA’s massive E3 booth, EA Sports was showing off their arcadey take on golf King of the Course (Free), which they launched worldwide earlier in the day to coincide with the start of E3. Despite the normal free-to-play-isms like power-ups and in-game currency, King of the Course is actually a surprisingly fun (and incredibly unrealistic) way to play golf, and it seems really well suited to mobile.

You may remember King of the Course soft-launching at the beginning of May, and with the game now being available and being free, I won’t go into too much detail about it since it’s something you can simply download and check out for yourself. And if you’re into golf in any way, especially the mini-game portions of the Tiger Woods franchise, then definitely check it out.

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