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‘Cubed Snowboarding’ Creator Jared Bailey Reveals Newest Game, ‘Wrong Way Racing’

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Jared Bailey makes small games like Cubed Snowboarding ($0.99) but now he wants to start making self-professed “micro games" with shorter development times. The first one of these is Wrong Way Racing.

The game is meant to be fast and unforgiving, with players controlling a car racing against three others, and only two lanes to navigate in. The speed picks up every lap, with it maxing out at lap 20. Bailey’s high score is 40, so this should prove to make even double-digit scores a war of attrition.

There’s more on the game in the forums, and Bailey claims that he will be making more of these micro games in the future – with a second one on the way already.

Editor’s Note: Welcome Carter Dotson to the team, we’re happy to have him on board with TouchArcade!

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