Apple’s WWDC 2014 Keynote Live Stream is Starting Now!

As Apple announced last week, they’ll be live streaming this year’s WWDC keynote presentation. If you’re on a Mac running Safari, or are on any iOS device (which you should be, if you’re reading this, right?) then you can go to this link here to watch the stream. Additionally, if you’ve got an Apple TV, there’s a special channel that will allow you to watch the live keynote event. Oh, and if you’re more a reader than a watcher, our sister site MacRumors is doing a live blog of the event, and since Apple’s live stream can sometimes lag behind a few minutes, the live blog route can potentially be even more immediate in breaking announcements.


In the past, it’s been kind of fun when Apple streams these things and we get a little conversation going in the comments section about whatever gets announced, whatever doesn’t get announced, and just generally having everyone hang out and be Apple fanboys together. Good times! We are here in the audience of the keynote, and as long as our spotty internet connection holds up, we’ll be posting about any of the relevant gaming-related stuff Apple announces (if they do, that is). Otherwise, kick back, check out the stream and join in on the discussion in the comment section.